Come and Enter The Wildwood

Come and enter the Wildwood
Choose your path through to the trees to meet the ancient energies of the Sacred Woods, Sacred Forests and Sacred Groves.

I am at home in the energies of the Wildwoods, connecting with all the different energies of tress and plants that grown on the rich land, and the gentle streams that flow gently through the ancient woodlands. It is through my Shamanic and Wisewoman work, that I walked deeper into the Wildwoods and I wanted to share these beautiful energies with you. I also use the beautiful Wildwood and Greenwood energies within my Healings and Magic Workings and Readings.

Come for a Wildwood Wander, spend a couple of hours under the canopy of leaves, or under the falling leaves in the Autumn time. Listen to their whispers, receive their gifts, drink in their healing energies. This is lovely for those of you too, who perhaps don’t have the chance to walk in the Woods, but want embrace the magic of nature, to stop a while and just be.

Maybe come and spend a little longer and walk with me around my Willow’s Wildwood Wheel workshop, let me share with you the wonders and magic of these deep places. Let us journey around the Wheel of the Year in a day! How brilliant is that, time travelling of sorts!! Learn about my Wildwood Wheel and how you can understand it and apply it to your own daily journey, connect with the Standing Tall People, learn how to connect with them in ancient ways. Receive their messages and healings as you connect with them on deeper levels, as you honour and respect the speed of their energy. You will take home with you new understandings of how to you can work with them in the future, from the tallest Oak to the smallest sapling, from the singular tree to the largest Woodlands. Come and embrace their energy and teachings.

You may want to take a journey with my Willow’s Wildwood Ways Course. This is a deep self-empowering journey through the Wildwoods. You will go on a deep journey of discovery of the teachings of the Wildwoods, the raw, core nature of your inner and outer Wildwoods. During the course you will find your Tree Ally, you will also experience a Wildwood Quest also work with the Trees of Willow’s Wildwood Wheel. Wildwood Magic will also be part of your journey and a coppicing of knowledge that you work with throughout the year and beyond. We visit many different Wildwoods during this course and spend a lot of time on the land amongst the various sacred Wildwoods.

Which Wildwood path will you take? How deeply do you want to venture? Let the Trees of the Wildwoods guide you along their trackways.

Wildwood Events

Woodland Walk

Wildwood Meanderings

August 4 @ 10:00 am - 11:30 am

A gentle meander through the Wildwood Trackways, under the canopy of ancient Trees. Embrace the healing energy of  the Wildwoods. Walk with the Fae and Nature Spirits in ancient sacred Wildwoods. A gentle walk [...]

Wildwood Wanderings

Wildwood Wanderings

August 21 @ 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Come and join me to wander through the Wildwood. Let us sink deep into the nature that surrounds us, listening to the birdsong and the air as it rushes through the trees. We will [...]

Willow’s Wildwood Wheel of the Year Workshop

September 11 @ 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Let us begin our journey exploring the Wheel of the Year from a Wildwood way connecting with the Trees that hold the magic and mystery of the land. Learn to use the Wildwood Wheel [...]

Welcome to the Wildwood Ways Join me for a year of connecting to the magic of the Wildwood Ways. This is a fabulous Path taking you deeper into the mysteries, deeper into the Wild, [...]