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Willow’s Wildwood Ways Course. October 17th 2020

Welcome to the Wildwood Ways Join me for a year of connecting to the magic of the Wildwood Ways. This is a fabulous Path taking you deeper into the mysteries, deeper into the Wild, deeper into the shadows to connect with Wildwood Magic….how exciting ! This is also an inner course of discovery of [...]

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Meeting Your Ancestors Workshop and Ceremony

Come along for a powerful empowering workshop. Learn about your very own Ancestors. Connect deeply with your own family lineage past and present. Understand yourself better once you meet them and make the changes you need to change within your own life. Interesting, Surprising. Knowing.Connecting…find out things that even your parents haven’t told you [...]

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Mabon – Autumn Equinox Ceremony

Come join with me to celebrate the Autumn Equinox in Ceremony. This a Ceremony where we will be honouring Mother Earth and her Harvest, marking the end of Summer and beginning of Autumn. We will be going out to join Mother Earth, working with the Element of Earth and will also be working indoors [...]

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The Magic of Journals

The magic of journals is captivating. You are stepping into the beginning of  a fabulous journey. From the moment you are gifted a pretty blank book or you choose one that catches your eye. You open that cover of your new journal and caress that first page...the journey has begun! Book of Your Soul [...]

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Power Animal Workshop

Come to the Power Animal Workshop. Power Animals play an important part in our lives and spiritual paths, giving us guidance and knowledge and different strengths to help us in our daily lives. In this workshop you will learn who your Power Animal is and how it is going to help you. The attributes your [...]

Shamanic Prayers for our Troubled Times

Prayers To Our Lord and Lady, Goddess, Great Spirit I call The Lord and Lady, Goddess and Great Spirit to embrace us with your powerful energy. I call to you for protection. I hold vigil to say prayers twice a day, for all the Key Workers involved in helping us all in these desperate [...]

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Shamanic Medicine Wheel Circle – Smoking Mirrors Ceremony

Come and join me within the Sacred Circle of the Medicine Wheel. We will sit in circle as the evening draws in, as the ancestors did and we will open ceremony space. During the circle, let us journey to meet the ancient Grandfathers and Grandmothers as they sit amongst us. As they share with us [...]

Crows Journey. A Shamanic Journey Workshop

Learn the ancient art of Shamanic Journeying. Journey to explore the Upper, Middle and Lower Worlds, and to meet your Spirit Guide and Power Animal. Learn to Journey for yourself and others for guidance and answers to questions. A blanket, A scarf to cover your eyes, Note book and pen. Lunch for yourself and a [...]

Shamanic Medicine Wheel Circle – Sacred Pipe Ceremony

Come and join me within the Sacred Circle of the Medicine Wheel. Let us journey to meet the ancient Grandfathers and Grandmothers as they sit amongst us. As they share with us their guidance and their visions may we be open to their wisdom. The evening will include a Sacred Pipe Ceremony to connect us more deeply [...]

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Woodland Walk To Blow Away The Cobwebs

Well, the cold snap brought with it a couple of dry sunny days. So we nipped out to a local forest for a walk with the dogs. It was fabulous, the ditches were filled with loads of rain water, clear and forest filtered..until the dogs raced through them having fun, stirring up the mud [...]

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