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Introduction to the Shamanic Path Workshop

This is a workshop offering an insight to the Shamanic Path, we will be covering tools used in practice, cleansing, working with the Directions and more. This workshop is a full day of information and exploration for dipping your toes on the path. You will also meet your Power Animal during this day! Bring [...]

Power Animal Workshop

Come to the Power Animal Workshop. Power Animals play an important part in our lives and spiritual paths, giving us guidance and knowledge and different strengths to help us in our daily lives. In this workshop you will learn who your Power Animal is and how it is going to help you. The attributes your [...]

Shamanic On-Line Teachings Healings and Readings for Now

Hello Everyone Well, it goes without saying....what weird times we are in right now, with the 'silent unseen beast' creeping around. We have been plunged into topsy turvy times that's for sure! For now these changes within our daily lives have altered our ways of living and working, but this is just for now. [...]

Crows Journey. A Shamanic Journey Workshop

Learn the ancient art of Shamanic Journeying. Journey to explore the Upper, Middle and Lower Worlds, and to meet your Spirit Guide and Power Animal. Learn to Journey for yourself and others for guidance and answers to questions. A blanket, A scarf to cover your eyes, Note book and pen. Lunch for yourself and a [...]

Shamanic Protection Workshop

I am offering a Shamanic Protection Workshop, because it is becoming apparent that this is very much needed. Many people come to me feeling drained by negative energy, feeling a bit bombarded by energy while in crowds. Those who are also are sometimes under psychic attack, from conscious and subconscious thoughts directed from others….to [...]

Sacred Site Connections

Let us visit and connect with the local Sacred Sites and with the Ancestors of our Lands. Honouring those who have walked before. Re-awaken memories of our past in our todays. We will hold  sacred ceremonies honouring the land that has held sacred energy over eons of time. We weave the magic of our roots [...]


Hi, I have been consciously walking my Spiritual path since 1993 and am fully qualified in Spiritual Healing, a Master Shamanic Practitioner, Flower Essence Practitioner, and other complementary therapies… read more