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Imbolc/Herthfyre Ceremony

Join with me to celebrate Imbolc and Herthfyre, a time for awakening. Honouring the Goddess Bridie, the Maiden. We will have understanding of what this turn of the wheel represents. Please Bring the Following Items A small White candle in a holder Notebook and Pen A chalice if you have one or a cup/mug [...]

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Yule – Winter Solstice – Ceremony

Join me to celebrate Yule, Winter Solstice. A time of the shortest day and longest night. Honouring the Goddess Danu in our celebrations. Honouring Mother of Air We will be having an understanding on what this turn of the Wheel represents. Please Bring the Following Items: A small Silver candle and holder Note book and [...]

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Cauldron of the Crone. Samhain Ceremony

Are you ready…are you really ready to stir the Cauldron of the Crone in ceremony?! Are you ready to step into the darkness with Keridwen and step out through the veils of transformation? Join me to celebrate Samhain the time in the Wheel of the Year where the veils between worlds are thin. Connect with [...]

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Wild Woman Within Journey – Course for Women

Reclaim the Wild Woman Within! Personally walk the Wheel of the Year on a personal journey of discovery and reclaim the Wild Woman Within. This is a new powerful wild course with a familiar name !! This is a complete course of 8 workshops each one will include healing, empowerment, discovery and fun while [...]

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Mabon – Autumn Equinox Ceremony

Come join with me to celebrate the Autumn Equinox in Ceremony. This a Ceremony where we will be honouring Mother Earth and her Harvest, marking the end of Summer and beginning of Autumn. We will be going out to join Mother Earth, working with the Element of Earth and will also be working indoors [...]

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Journey Round the Goddess Wheel

Come and journey around the Goddess Wheel of the Year with me. Connect and expand your knowledge of each of the 9 British Goddesses that are at each turn of the wheel. Learn of their energy and attributes. Call upon them when you need extra support in your life. Dip your toes into a [...]

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Sacred Steps through the Goddess Labrynth.

Walk deeper into the Heart of the Goddess, take your sacred steps through the Labrynth to seek the secrets in the centre. A time for deep connection with yourself in the arms of the Goddess, let her lead you and guide you through the mysteries of the Labrynth. Meet Morgen la Fey in her [...]

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Beltane Ceremony – Meadway

Come join with me while we celebrate a Beltane Ceremony of Fertility of the Land . This a Ceremony where we will be honouring the Lord and Lady. Goddess Rhiannon, as the Lover because She awakens the vibrant energy of passion. This is  time of Blossoming and honouring Hawthorn Woman. So first let us gather [...]

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