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Morgen la Fey Crow Sisters Course

Magical enchantress Morgen la Fey and Her 8 Crow Sisters have been calling you to come and journey through the mystical mists with them. And so it is a time for new beginnings, empower yourself with their energy and to embrace their magic! Dive into the deeper magical mysteries of Morgen la Fey. We [...]

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Introduction to the Shamanic Path Workshop

This is a workshop offering an insight to the Shamanic Path, we will be covering tools used in practice, cleansing, working with the Directions and more. This workshop is a full day of information and exploration for dipping your toes on the path. You will also meet your Power Animal during this day! Bring [...]

Beltane Ceremony – Meadway

Come join with me while we celebrate a Beltane Ceremony of Fertility of the Land . This a Ceremony where we will be honouring the Lord and Lady. Goddess Rhiannon, as the Lover because She awakens the vibrant energy of passion. This is  time of Blossoming and honouring Hawthorn Woman. So first let us gather [...]

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Ostara – Spring Equinox – Ceremony

Join with me to celebrate Spring Equinox – Ostara. A Time for springing to life. Honouring the Goddess Artha. Celebrating Element of Fire. We will have understanding of what this turn of the wheel represents. Please bring the following items. A small Green candle and holder A chalice if you have one or a cup/mug [...]

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Woodland Walk To Blow Away The Cobwebs

Well, the cold snap brought with it a couple of dry sunny days. So we nipped out to a local forest for a walk with the dogs. It was fabulous, the ditches were filled with loads of rain water, clear and forest filtered..until the dogs raced through them having fun, stirring up the mud [...]

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Shamanic Protection Workshop

I am offering a Shamanic Protection Workshop, because it is becoming apparent that this is very much needed. Many people come to me feeling drained by negative energy, feeling a bit bombarded by energy while in crowds. Those who are also are sometimes under psychic attack, from conscious and subconscious thoughts directed from others….to [...]


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