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Have you tried to stay on track with your Spirit Journaling and failed to keep it up? Have you wanted to keep up to date with your Journeys and Meditation practice and spiritual growth but lost interest after a few times?

Come along to the Spirit Journal workshop…let me help you to clear those blocks and lets make your journaling interesting and fun to keep on track.

Be inspired with your progress along your path whether you are just beginning or further along your path. Make your journal a joy to write in, be inspired with your sacred thoughts and words. Create a keepsake to look back on time after time.

  •  In person: A journal will be supplied for you to begin your Spirit Journal Journey or you may wish to find a special one beforehand to inspire you. At the workshop you will have use of a hoard of fabulous arty bits and bobs. Let your sacred creativeness errupt in this workshop….and watch your path unfold, and see where it leads you.
  • Cost per person in the group workshop: £55 for workshop, Payable at time of booking, non refundable.
  • Cost as a 1:1 workshop: £85 Including the creative items as above. Date to be arranged.
  • Cost for workshop via Skype: £80 Payable at time of booking, non refundable. Date to be arranged.
  • Via Skype: This distant workshop will not include the arty bits, nor your Journal.. you will need to supply your own new special journal for your journey.


1 available 1:1 Teachings £85.00