Therapies By Shamanic Willow

Therapies By Shamanic Willow

Welcome to my Therapies page by Shamanic Willow. Here you will find the various therapies that I offer.

There are many Deep Shamanic Healing processes, these are very deep and empowering. As a Shamanka I assist you with your healing, you are very involved with the healing processes, we work together. During your consultation at the beginning of your appointment I use shamanic tracking to determine which Shamanic Healing Process is best for you at that time.

You will find other energy healings relating to nature energies. I feel that connecting you to earth energies and working with the elements are so important. There are many aspects and layers to us, as people, and there are many healings I offer to help you come back in balance with yourself.

It is important to keep your energy in balance and that is what I strive to achieve with all my therapies.

I look forward to meeting you for your healing. My Healing Room is on the first floor.

  • Shamanic Healing – Deep Shamanic Healing. Removing energy blockages. Smudging and drumbeat Bringing balance and empowerment.
  • Soul Retrieval – Retrieving missing soul parts, lost due to shock or trauma.
  • Sword Cleansing – Deep aura cleanse of conscious or subconscious sorcery from others, through your lives.
  • Shamanic Journey – Shamanic guidance for your questions and guidance in your life.
  • Power Animal Journey – Finding and meeting your Power Animal, your animal spirit guide. Connecting it with your energy.
  • Illumination – Deep Releasing of negative energy beliefs that you are holding onto, often put upon you by others.
  • Cutting of Ties – Cutting of ties with others who control and drain your energy.
  • Past Life Therapy – Repeating negative patterns during this life, which have been brought forward from past lives. Lets sort it!
  • Ancestral Healing – Maternal and Paternal family lines explored and negative traits released..
  • Dismemberment – Deep cleansing of the Spirit Body.
  • Psychopomp – Escorting the deceased to the Summerland.
  • Shamanic Death Rites – Sacred Rites performed for the deceased after death and before their Funeral/ Celebration of Life

Please contact me for the many more Shamanic Processes offered including Shamanic Energy Cleansing on Houses.

Allow 1.5 hours per appointment, including your consultation.

Cost: £75

For longer appointments please contact me for the cost.

The Shamanic aim and viewpoint are to keep energy in balance, within ourselves and of our lands…for a moment lets focus on ourselves!

A Shamanic Energy Balance is a stand-alone treatment or for keeping your energy in the balance after you have visited for your deeper Shamanic Processes appointment.

This treatment is a gentle treatment where you can relax and drift off into different worlds!

I use Shamanic Drum, rattle, sage, and sweetgrass, calling in Natures Elements also bringing in other Shamanic energies which you may need at that time during your Shamanic Energy Balance.

Your 1-hour appointment will begin with a short consultation and then the Shamanic Energy Balance. We can discuss deeper Shamanic Processes if this becomes apparent but the deeper processes would be done during a separate appointment when you feel ready.

I also offer this as a Distant Healing, when you are unable to travel to me for a 1:1 appointment. Skype connection for the appointment duration will be necessary.

Allow 1 Hour for your appointment, including your consultation.

Cost: £65 for a 1:1 appointment

Cost: £75 for a distant appointment

Ladies, from a young age and for many years our wombs are working within us, sometimes groaned about, sometimes not really recognised for their beauty that they are. We carry our children in our wombs, but do we thank our womb afterwards?

This is a beautiful profound Shamanic energy healing to cleanse your sacred womb space, your sacred chalice of Divine Femininity and creativity.

Let us clear away the dross! Clear away past traumas and wounding and negative energy that you may be holding in your sacred womb space. You may be very surprised by what you are holding onto and clogging up your beautiful womb with.

Then let us celebrate! After this energy healing process,  we will hold a beautiful small ceremony to honour and bless you and your sacred chalice, your womb space.

If you have lost your womb this beautiful healing process can still be achieved.

You will remain clothed at all times and this sensitive Shamanic process is held in beautiful sacred space.

I also offer this as a Distant Healing, when you are unable to travel to me for a 1:1 appointment. Skype connection for the appointment duration will be necessary.

Allow 1.5 hours for your appointment including your consultation

Cost: £75 for a 1:1 appointment

Cost: £80 for a Distant Healing appointment

As a Womb Keeper of the Munay-ki, I am able to offer you The Rite of the Womb at the completion of this healing if you wish to receive the Rite.

Cost: Add £45 and allow an extra hour to your appointment. 

Shamanic Tree Spirit Healing is a beautiful blissful healing.

My vast family of Standing People, as Trees are often called, wish to work with us, bringing harmony into our lives….how many times have you felt amazingly calm when walking amongst the Trees in the woods and the forests?

Allow yourselves to enjoy this beautiful healing and sink into the blissful energy of Trees while you receive your healing. The Trees will help to clear blockages in your energy as well as bringing your energy back into balance.

I work deeply with the wood from the Trees, their essences, their signatures and their beautiful Tree Spirit energy. Bringing their beautiful healing and strengths in your healing session. The Trees often show me visions for you, which I share with you, which also help with your healing.

I also create your own bottle of Tree Spirits Essence Spray, especially for you to embrace their energy after your Shamanic Tree Spirit Healing.

I also offer this as a Distant Healing, when you are unable to travel to me for a 1:1 appointment. Skype connection for the appointment duration will be necessary.

Allow 1 Hour for your appointment, including your consultation

Cost: £65 for a 1:1 appointment Includes your personal 10ml bottle of Tree Spirits Essence Spray

Cost: £75  for UK Distant Healing Including the 10ml bottle of Tree Spirits Essence Spray

Cost: For Overseas Distant Healing, Please contact me for cost

Shamanic Plant Spirit Healing is a beautiful relaxing healing for you, where I work with the Spirit of Plants to bring their healing properties into your energy field, bringing you the attributes that you require at the time.

I have a vast family of Plant Spirits that I work with, each one deciding themselves if they wish to work and bring healing to you, you may find that a group of Plant Spirits wish to be involved in your healing.

The Plant Spirits may also give you guidance during your healing, which I will deliver to you after your healing allowing you to bliss out and receive their beautiful energy.

I also offer this as a Distant Healing, when you are unable to travel to me for a 1:1 appointment. Skype connection for the appointment duration will be necessary.

Allow 1 Hour for your appointment, including your consultation.

Cost: £65 for a 1:1 appointment

Cost: £75 for a Distant Healing appointment

Shamanic Energy Cleansing of Houses:

I am very passionate about making people aware that it is as important to keep the energy clear in our homes as it is to have our own energy kept clear and in balance.

I take this one step further and also clear the energy of the land (gardens) on which your house or home was built so that your living space is a pleasant place to be!

If your home just doesn’t ‘feel nice’, feels like it has old, sometimes negative energy floating about, or stagnant, stale and uneasy energy, then it would benefit from a Shamanic Energy Cleanse.

There are many reasons why the energy feels stagnant, stale and uneasy. This can be caused by old energy left by previous owners, stress within the family, separation and divorce, under psychic attack. Also for Spirit visitors who are stuck in this vibration not wanting to move on and many other reasons.

Maybe you want to clear the energy while trying to sell your home or indeed a Shamanic Energy Cleanse before or soon after you move into your new home. You may just be spring cleaning, include a Shamanic Energy Cleanse to clear the energy of your home too for a fresh start to a new year.

I offer Shamanic Energy Cleansing and use various Shamanic Tools and call in various Shamanic Energies to help clear the stuck energy to bring the energies of peace, clarity and ‘zing’ back into your homes and workplaces.

Shamanic Energy Cleansing of Land:

It is just as important to have the Energy Cleansed of the land on which your house is built, as sometimes the negative energy is imprinted in the land. The Shamanic Energy Cleanse will bring back the balance of the land beneath your home. This can be included as part of your Shamanic Energy Cleanse of your home.

Shamanic Energy Cleansing of Land is also offered as a deeper separate Shamanic Process to bring the balance back to an area of land.

Cost for Shamanic Energy Cleansing of your Home and Garden:

From £100 for the first hour, then £50 for each following half hour, for flats and medium-sized homes. Plus there will be travel fees to and from your home. The time depends on the resistance of the energy involved.

For Larger Houses, Businesses or Land please contact me for costs.

Ogham Healing Combination.

Ancient Healing, Ancient Ways, Ancient Magic.

Working with the Ogham Staves brings fabulous opportunities to work intensely with them. From my Ogham Crane Bag that holds all the Staves of the ancient magical knowledge, I have been guided to bring to you magical Ogham Healing Combination.

I have a complete set of Ogham Staves that I only use for Shamanic Ogham Healings, It is a very special Ogham set collected from ancient trees on our sacred lands, where our ancestors walked before us.

So what I am offering in this deep Ogham Healing for you is:

  • An Ogham Healing, intuitively using the Shamanic Ogham Staves. The Trees themselves will choose which ones want or need to work with you. This is a beautiful energy healing with the wooden Staves. The trees will be bringing their energies and attributes into your energy as you receive their healing magic as they work deeply with you.
  • After your healing an Ogham Reading will be offered using the Ogham Staves that chose to be used in your healing. They will have deep personal messages for you.
  • You will also be taking home a bottle of Ogham Tree Essence created with the Trees used in your Ogham Healing, so that your healing and connection with your personal Ogham Trees will continue.

Allow 1.5 hours for your Ogham Healing Combination.

Cost: £75 1:1 in person.

Cost : £85 UK Distant Healing. Includes the Ogham Tree Essence.

Cost: Overseas Distant Healing, Please contact me for cost.

Blackthorn Magic Healing is a fabulous Healing where we take a deep journey with the powerful energy of Blackthorn for deep release work. Then Spirit of Blackthorn aides you to bring you to your own reality of your intentions. This is a deep and empowering Healing where you will be working directly with and creating a Magic of Blackthorn pouch to take home with you.

Allow 1 hour for your appointment, including your consultation and a Blackthorn energy pouch to take home with you.

Cost: £65 for a 1:1 appointment

Cost: £75 for UK Distant Healing, includes the Blackthorn energy pouch

Cost: Overseas Distant Healing please contact me for cost.

Morgen Crow Sisters Healing is a fabulous deep healing with a difference, calling upon the energy and attributes of Morgen la Fey and the Crow Sisters of the Isle of Avalon.

The Morgen Crow Sisters are the feminine of Nature, the Crow Sisters who show you the different sides, the shadow sides and the sunny sides. They hold the mirror up to show you what you need to work with, they bring you the energy of the strengths of the storms to the gentle breezes, they dance in all the elements. They bring us the Nature of Goddess. They are the Priestesses, the teachers, wisdom bringers, protectors, healers, and shapeshifters. They watch us and are a whisper away as we take our steps through the darkness of the forests of life and as we dance in the sunshine.  They are the Nine Crow Sisters who can be seen hiding behind trees in our peripheral visions. These are the Morgen Crow Sisters.

This is a deep Shamanic healing, calling upon the earthy energy of nature and the strengths of the Morgen Crow Sisters of Avalon. Morgen la Fey, Morgen Mazoe, Morgen Tyronoe, Morgen Thitis, Morgen Cliton, Morgen Thetis, Morgen Gliten, Morgen Glitonea, Morgen Moronoe. The vibrational energy of the Red Spring and White Spring is also called upon.

I also use my specially blended and channeled Morgen Crow Sisters Vibrational Energy Sprays, along with other Shamanic tools during this healing, to create this strong healing energy.

At the end of your healing, I create your own personal 10ml bottle of Morgen Crow Sisters Vibrational Essence Spray, especially for you to continue to embrace their healing energy after your Healing session with me.

As a Shamanic Practitioner, Priestess of Avalon and Priestess of the Goddess and a Vibrational Essence Practitioner, I offer you this unique Morgen Crow Sisters Healing.

I also offer this as a Distant Healing, when you are unable to travel to me for a 1:1 appointment. Skype connection for the appointment duration will be necessary.

Allow 1 Hour for your appointment, including your consultation

Cost: £65 Includes your personal 10ml bottle of Morgen Crow Sisters Essence Spray

Cost: £75 For a UK Distant Healing appointment.  Includes the Morgen Crow Sisters Essence Spray

Cost: Overseas Distant healing. Please contact me for cost

This is a beautiful Shamanic Divine Feminine Goddess Energy Healing Process.

I call upon the sacred Shamanic energy of our lands, the energy and attributes of the Lady of Avalon and the 8 British Goddesses to assist with your healing.

I offer Sacred Goddess Healings, working with the energies of the British Goddesses who wish to bring you their healing energy which is appropriate to you at the time of healing. The healing may be gentle and sometimes it will bring up the shadows of your being which we will address at the time of your healing. Goddess knows what is right for us, what we need to look at and what to take action with.

‘She changes everything She touches and everything She touches changes’

I also offer this as a Distant Healing, when you are unable to travel to me for a 1:1 appointment. Skype connection for the appointment duration will be necessary.

Allow 1 hour for your appointment, including your consultation.

Cost: £65 for a 1:1 appointment

Cost: £75 for a Distant Healing appointment

Flower and Vibrational Essence Therapy is a beautiful way of working with Nature’s energy. The vibrational energy of the plant or flower is held in spring water and preserved in brandy to produce an essence which can help you on many levels of healing mind, body and spirit. They are powerful vibrational catalysts that transform negative emotions bringing us into a positive energy balance.

Once we link with the energy of plant or tree, by taking the essence, they can help us remove our emotional baggage, remove energy blockages allowing us to see a clearer picture, and bring positive energy to our very being and giving us empowerment. They can transform negative thought patterns into positive thoughts and can help release stress bringing calmness, the list is endless…

Essences are safe for children and animals and work extremely well because they are very accepting of the nature of the essence.

During your consultation, I will dowse to see which essence you require and I will then make up your personal 10ml bottle of essence which may include a combination of a few different essences.

Here are some of the essences that I connect and work with:

  • Flower Essences
  • Green Man Tree Essences
  • Forest Combination Essences
  • Light Essences
  • Sovereignty Essences
  • Shamanic Power Plant Essences
  • Wild Earth Animal Essences
  • Bailey Essences
  • Wild Medicine Flower Essences

Treatments: 45 minutes

Cost: £45.00 Face to face consultation Includes 1 x 10ml bottle of Flower or Vibrational Essence.

For Distant Consultations: I will need a very small strand of your hair, a few hairs will be ok, posted to me with your details, it does not make a difference if you have coloured hair, and this will be kept on file for future reference. Payment may be made by cheque or Paypal for this service.

Cost UK Distant: E-mail, Skype or telephone consultation (max. 45 minutes): £50.00 Including p&p
of your 1 x 10ml bottle of Flower or Vibrational Essence.

Cost: Overseas. Please contact me for cost. 

Cost: £15 in conjunction with another treatment. Flower and Vibrational Essences Bottle (10ml) of Flower or Vibrational Essence

I am a qualified and fully insured Flower and Vibrational Essence Therapist

Spiritual Healing is a natural energy therapy. It complements conventional medicine by treating the whole person – mind, body and spirit. Spiritual Healers act as a conduit for healing energy, often described as ‘love and light’ which relaxes the body, releases tensions and stimulates self-healing. The benefits of healing can be felt on many levels, not just the physical, and the effects can be profound.

Spiritual Healing is not linked to a particular religion. Faith by the client is not required and healing can help people regardless of their religious beliefs.

Healing energy is all around us. In essence, it is ‘universal’ – part of nature itself. It is available for everyone to use for the greatest good. Healers learn to use their ability to tap into this natural energy and pass it on.

I am a Full Healer Member Trained with NFSH

I also offer this as a Distant Healing, when you are unable to travel to me for a 1:1 appointment. Skype connection for the appointment duration will be necessary.

Treatment: Allow 1 hour including your consultation 

Cost: £60 for a 1:1 appointment

Cost: £65 for a Distant Healing appointment